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Webinar: Office 365—What is it; What can it do

In 2014, ISU moved from a locally hosted email system to Office 365, which stores email, calendar and contact information in the cloud. Much of this is transparent, but there are also some added benefits and resources available. We will be taking a look at the different options available at, what they can do and some of the ways you might want to use them.

Videos & YouTube Channels Webinar

Creating a video is as easy as picking up your smartphone, recording and posting to the Internet. But there are a variety of ways video is used throughout our world and some are more effective than others. So how do we decide what type of video to do, and when/ where is that type appropriate? Jed Findlay, Visual Communications Specialist for the Organizational Advancement team, will discuss how Extension and Outreach uses video and how you can effectively communicate video in your work.