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Community and Economic Development New Staff Resources

ISU Extension and Outreach Acronym Dictionary

Have you ever heard an acronym that you were unfamiliar with? Since 1995, Rich Wrage, Regional Extension Education Director, has been compiling a list of acronyms associated with our work in ISU Extension and Outreach. During the last 22 years, Rich’s list has evolved into more of a reference dictionary and will serve as a wonderful resource for our new and seasoned staff, faculty and volunteers. We have added Rich’s Extension and Outreach Acronym Dictionary to the Professional Development website under the “Resources for New Staff” and “Extension and Outreach Council Member” categories. You may also access the dictionary by clicking here: Extension and Outreach Acronyms.pdf

ANR Orientation Materials

ANR has developed orientation materials for new employees at all levels including: ANR staff, county professionals, regional directors and new administration. The files located on this page are to aid new employees in understanding where ANR fits into the big picture and to serve as an introduction to the ANR program unit.

These resources were written and published in May 2017 by Chris Mondak and Traci Tiernan.