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Jan. 26 Qualtrics: Skimming the Surface Webinar and PowerPoint Slides

Are you interested in learning about surveys and what Qualtrics is all about? Join Amanda Estey as she gives an overview on what comprises an effective survey, the importance of writing purposeful questions, and how to access/ share the benefits of using Qualtrics as a professional in Extension.

Archived Webinar:

PowerPoint Slides: Qualtrics- Skimming the Surface Webinar .pptx


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Keli Tallman is ISU Extension and Outreach’s Program Development and Evaluation Manager.  She has worked with ISU Extension and Outreach for the last 23 years.  Keli brings tremendous experience in assessment and evaluation of educational programs, while building program evaluation capacity of individuals, teams, organizations and communities. Her years of program development and evaluation experience will strengthen the mobilization of partnerships, resources and research to support ISU Extension and Outreach professionals' engagement in quality program development and evaluation practices and methods.

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