A Meeting of the Minds...and DiSC Style

August 6, 2019

If you’re leading a meeting and know ahead of time who likes to make decisions quickly and who needs more time, you’ll have more information to plan the conversation and share information at the right time. Knowing what we know about DiSC styles, here are some tips for creating meetings that feel like time well spent for everyone:

DiSC image

Of course, the above is not a sure fire fix for all meeting challenges. For example, people with blended DiSC styles, like an iD, may require a detailed agenda but love having toe to toe discussions with colleagues! This is why knowing your communication style and that of your team is so valuable: you’re able to better understand your co-workers in ways you hadn’t necessarily thought about before.

DiSC helps everyone understand one another's priorities, cultivate strengths, and minimize less beneficial tendencies.

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