Listing of all 2021 Extension and Outreach Awards

2021 Extension and Outreach Awards

The following awards will be announced at the ISU Extension and Outreach Annual Conference. Nominations are due February 10th by 12:00 p.m. Please follow the nomination guidelines for each award. Send all nominations to

All University and County paid ISU Extension and Outreach faculty and staff:

          Creativity in Service to All Iowans

          Excellence in Partnership to Iowans

          Excellence in Research-Based Programming

          Excellence in the Scholarship of Community Engagement

          Impacting Iowans

 NEW - Innovation and Excellence in Virtual Program Delivery

          Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Spirit of Cy Trophy

          Originality and Innovation in Programming

          Outstanding Achievement in Advancement (volunteers and county council members are also eligible)

          Outstanding Practice in Community Engagement

          Powerful Partnerships

All ISU Extension and Outreach Volunteers:

          Exceptional Volunteer Service

All County paid Iowa State University Extension and Outreach:

          Pride of Extension

All County Extension Councils throughout Iowa:

          County Extension Council Distinguished Service

All Human Sciences Extension Staff throughout Iowa:

          Margaret K. Yoder Human Sciences Recognition 

All ISU Extension and Outreach Support Units:

          Pillar of Extension and Outreach 


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