Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Strategic Plan

The Professional Development Unit directly supports Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s strategic plan, aligning the professional skills of our people with the needs of our organization. We conceptualize, design and present development opportunities that will motivate, challenge, strengthen and enlighten county and campus-paid staff, faculty and elected council officials.

Professional Development Unit Mission: To help Iowa State University Extension and Outreach professional staff to become the best they can be.

Professional Development Unit Vision: Provide support to improve program quality and impact through powerful professional development opportunities and career paths for paid, volunteer, and elected staff.

Professional Development Unit Goals: Build Capacity for Council members, faculty, staff and volunteers 

  • Develop and support a structure to sustain professional development with council members, faculty, staff, and volunteers that fosters the production and dissemination of applied research and educational programming.
  • Promote pathways for Iowans to pursue current and future ISU Extension and Outreach employment and volunteer opportunities.
  • Invest in new staff orientation and mentoring offerings to guide professionals’ successful navigation within the ISU Extension and Outreach, Iowa State, and/or county extension systems.

Professional Development Unit Services:

  • Coordinate Extension professional development conferences
  • Support compliance training
  • Provide core competency professional development
  • Support staff career path development

Professional Development follows the Program Development Process:

Our product is our programs. From county to campus, there are many people involved in assessing needs, designing education, developing programs, implementing learning activities and evaluating how we are doing in reaching our mission. This process provides a structure and will improve communication and coordination among those many people involved in programming. The concept is not new; it is more focused, better organized and designed to improve efficiencies. Adaption of this process will do the following: help us be more effective as an organization, focus effort and resources according to identified needs, and identify priorities using a systematic approach, providing a stronger sense of confidence that real needs are being met and the right programs are being provided to improve quality of life in Iowa.

A Professional Development marketing flyer is available for download.