Inclusive Excellence

April 2, 2020

We were thrilled to have Dr. Kevin McDonald, the vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion from the University of Virginia as the Keynote for our virtual Annual Conference this year. Dr. McDonald gave an inspirational message on Inclusive Excellence. Enjoy the video again that he shared with us: To Speak Up for Inclusion, we need to speak about inclusion.

As Dr. McDonald continued throughout the presentation, he shared with us that Inclusive Excellence is a framework designed to help organizations integrate diversity and quality efforts. As a model, Inclusive Excellence incorporates diversity efforts into the core of organizational functioning. Applying Inclusive Excellence concepts leads to infusing diversity into an organization’s recruiting, and hiring processes; into its training; and into its administrative structures and practices. The goal of Inclusive Excellence is to join together quality and diversity, inclusion, and equity so that we design our operations and processes to continuously improve the experiences and outcomes for underserved and marginalized employees and customers. Please reference the Inclusive Excellence Planning Guidelines and many other useful handouts at the 2020 Annual Conference web page in My Extension.

José Antonio Rosa, Ph.D., Professor in Marketing and the John and Deborah Ganoe Faculty Fellow from Iowa State University, our Endnote Speaker for the day, said in Extension, “We do not change minds, we expand them.” What will be your role in expanding the minds of Iowans to achieve Inclusive Excellence?