How to Lead Through the COVID-19 Crisis and its Aftermath

March 27, 2020

How to Lead through the COVID-19 Crisis and Its Aftermath

Crucial Skills for Crucial Times

Crucial Conversations' corporation, VitalSmarts, offers a valuable library of skills at a time when they will have the most impact on lives, relationships, communities, and organizations.

Join the VitalSmarts authors and experts in a FREE, five-part webinar series on how to lead through the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath.

In five, 45-minute sessions, author Joseph Grenny, along with Master Trainers Emily Gregory and Justin Hale, will share skills for helping you, your people, and your organization minimize risk, increase safety, and adapt and be effective in this crucial and unprecedented time.

Register for the series online and attend individual events as you are able. Events will be recorded. 

How to Influence the Vital Behaviors You'll Need in the Post-COVID World
March 31 at 10 am MT
With Joseph Grenny

Crucial Conversations in a Crisis: Keys to Reduce the Lag Time Between Disaster and Response 
April 7 at 10 am MT
With Joseph Grenny

200% Accountability: How to Succeed In an Ongoing Pandemic
April 14 at 10 am MT
With Joseph Grenny

Stress-free Productivity During Times of Stress: Skills To Regain Control
April 21 at 10 am MT
With Justin Hale

Habits for Working from Home: How to Adapt Your Workplace Routines for At-Home Success
April 28 at 10 am MT
With Emily Gregory