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Since 1989, Excellence in Extension has been funded solely by contributions from Extension and Outreach professionals. When you contribute to Excellence in Extension, you are helping to improve and enrich the quality of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach education and you're supporting your Extension and Outreach colleagues. 

The Excellence in Extension Fund is designed to improve and enrich the quality of educational programs offered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.  Excellence in Extension provides competitive grants that are open to all ISU Extension and Outreach employees-campus, field, and county.

The grants are used

  • to develop creative and innovative programs,                                                     
  • to provide scholarships for graduate work,
  • and to support professional growth for groups and individuals. 

The Board 

The Excellence in Extension board composition is a 5-member board, consisting of representatives from each of the program units plus one ex-officio member. One representative is from the Extension and Outreach Professional Development Committee (to help align professional development priorities). The role of the Board includes: long-range planning, reviewing finances, raising funds, marketing grant opportunities, and evaluating the grant program.

Any staff member of ISU Extension and Outreach, including members holding joint appointments, is eligible for appointment to the Board. The Board can appoint committees. Terms of appointment for members shall be three years beginning July 1 of each year. Board members may serve a maximum of two successive three-year terms. Ex-officio members are not limited to specific terms of appointment.

Current Board Members

Ways to Invest in Excellence in Extension

All gifts of any amount are appreciated. The following are various ways you can participate.

Online Giving

Outright Contribution/ Pledge/ Payroll Deduction (for faculty/ staff) Forms

Thank you for supporting Excellence in Extension's mission to improve and enrich the quality of educational programs offered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Grant Opportunities

Applications are not currently open. You may review application history, bios and guidelines online. 

Past Reports

Please contact Alison DePenning at depennin@iastate.edu for a report from a past award winner. 

2023-2024 Grant Awardees

  • Abby Boysen - Marvin A. Anderson $1,000 (2-year award)
  • Maya Rowe - Marvin A. Anderson $1,000 (2-year award)
  • Adrianne Carlson - Herb Howell $5,000 
  • Kay Stefanik, Matt Helmers - Herb Howell $2,500
  • Demi Johnson, Dr. David Brown - Herb Howell $5,000  
  • Abby Boysen - Individual Staff Development $750

Questions about Excellence in Extension may be directed to: Alison DePenning, Professional Development and board member at large.