Adult Learning Strategies: Effective Instructional Design Methods

Monday, 04/17/2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

This workshop provides faculty and staff of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach with research based instructional design processes for use in the design of educational programs, workshops, and/or courses. For additional information, refer to the Effective Instructional Design Methods course information sheet.

Learning objectives:

  • Define the term instructional design.
  • Explain the role of instructional design theory in the instructional design process.
  • List the five stage of the ADDIE instructional design method and why each is important in the design process.
  • Describe the Agile instructional design method.
  • Compare and contrast the ADDIE method with the Agile method.
  • Select and use an instructional design method when creating or revising educational programs, workshops, and/or courses.

Workshop format:

This is an online program offered in a flipped format: participants work through the online asynchronous materials and then participate in a synchronous cohort video conference. It will take approximately 1-3 hours to work through the independent study portion and 1.5 hours for the cohort video conference.

  • Day 1 (usually a Monday) - online learning material is available
  • Day 1-7 - participants work through the online material at their convenience
  • Day 7 (usually a Monday) - online cohort video conference
Contact Info:
Robin Ertz
(515) 294-6804