Digital Accessibility Webinar Series - Online Course

Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:00am
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Dr. Zayira Jordan, ISU web accessibility coordinator, will be hosting a Digital Accessibility webinar series. All webinars begin at 10am, unless otherwise noted. This series is presented in conjunction with Extension IT and may be accessed at:

Mark your calendars with the dates below and stay posted as series details will be updated here as they become available.

August 31 – Introduction to Digital Accessibility.  In this session, you will learn about what digital accessibility is and why it is crucial that you take it into account when you are publishing content on the web.  You will hear about the ethical and legal aspects as well as the business advantages of designing web content with accessibility in mind.  You will also learn about how it is relevant to the mission of Extension and, specifically, how it is relevant to your role.

Archived webinar: Digital_Accessibility_2017_08_31

October 19 - Digital Accessibility: Online Content. Online content includes text, graphics, images, and other elements you may include in your website. Factors like color, images and headings are important in ensuring your website is accessible.  During this session, we will review the most common elements in online content and how to ensure they are accessible.

Archived webinar: Digital Accessibility: Online Content                                                                                                                                                                                         

November 30 - Digital Accessibility: Video Captioning. All video content that you create needs to address digital accessibility and this is done through captioning. In this section, you will learn about Extension and Outreach’s work in captioning, how to caption your videos and how to create caption files for use in a variety of social media platforms.

Archived webinar: Video Captioning

December 14 - Digital Accessibility: Accessible Documents: Many of the documents you create using Word might end up being shared or distributed to others as email attachments or through websites.  They may also be viewed on a cell phone or turned into pdfs. Taking a few simple steps you can increase the accessibility of your documents which will translate into having your content be reachable to viewers and users who are mobile or who may resort to assistive technology to read documents.  Even better! You will be contributing to creating accessible pdfs when you start with an accessible Word document.  Join us to learn these simple techniques to make your documents accessible.

Archived Webinar: Accessible Documents


January 25 - Digital Accessibility: Online Course. Digital course content development includes consideration for many components.  As a course designer, you may have to use a learning management system and include content from websites, Massive Online Open Content (MOOCs), PowerPoint presentations, graphics, images, videos, and many others.  The learner's experience benefits from a focus on making content and interfaces inclusive, accessible, and usable.  In this session, we will review the most frequent use cases for developing online courses and how to best address diverse learners’ needs.

Archived Webinar: Online Course