Creativity in Service to All Iowans Award

Creativity in Service to all Iowans

Eligibility: All ISU and County paid Extension and Outreach faculty and staff
Number Awarded: One
Award: $100/ value per individual or up to $500/ value per team effort
Purpose: The purpose of this award it to recognize creative extension programming efforts that educate Iowa’s rapidly-changing and complex demographics using a cooperative, interdisciplinary  approach. Programming used to serve Iowans should be derived from at least two disciplines and/or units within Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, e.g., ANR and 4-H, HSEO and CED, HSEO and 4-H, etc. This award is presented at the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Annual Conference.
Award Criteria:

  • demonstrates creative service to the complex demographics of Iowa through outreach
  • utilizes an interdisciplinary and cooperative approach to programming
  • articulates measurable impacts relating to behavior or condition change

The deadline for the 2021 Creativity in Service to All Iowans Award nomination is February 10, 2021, 12:00 p.m. (noon), and all nominations should be sent to Linda Young at
Nominations are reviewed by ISU Extension and Outreach before submission to the VPEO and announced at the ISU Extension and Outreach Annual Conference in March. Nominators are notified by February 28. Only nominators receive notice of unsuccessful nominations.

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