Coming Together

Coming Together for Racial Understanding

Coming Together is an optional one-day Professional Development workshop based on the initiative by the National Cooperative Extension Service Rapid Response Team to enhance communication and engagement by identifying barriers, countering bias, and building trust across racial differences.  Three facilitators lead a combination of presentations, small group discussions, and small group interactive learning activities.

What do participants learn?
  • Identify barriers for colleagues and clients.
  • Counter bias as well as the learning and teaching of prejudice.
  • Connect discrimination and oppression with real-life experiences.
  • Recognize, acknowledge, and affirm the pain and joy of being in target and non–target groups.
  • Build trust across racial differences.
What do participants gain?
  • A knowledge base around systemic racism and oppression.
  • Opportunities to examine how experience and bias shape engagement.
  • Knowledge of a common language within and across the organization to increase a comfort level for cross-cultural dialogue.

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Course Information

 Time Requirement

This is a 7 hour workshop and is available in person or virtually. The seven hours of content can be covered in one day or divided into two days.


Participants must have previously completed the Navigating Difference Cultural Competency Workshop Series.

 Cost to Participants

There is no fee for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach faculty and staff to participate. Participants need to bring their lunch.


Your workshop facilitators are Lynn Adams, Malisa Rader, and Gayle Coon.


Incorporates the following competencies: Communication and Interpersonal Relations, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and Professionalism and Leadership.