Member Resources

General 4-H Calendar

  • Enrollments and Re-Enrollments begin 
  • Record book workshops will be offered
  • Record book achievement conferences and reviews
  • Applications for awards open
  • Award applications due
  • Clover Kids After-School begins
  • Nature Club begins
  • 4-H Awards Night
  • Re-Enrollments due
  • Market beef weigh-in
  • New member enrollment due
  • Area and State recognition applications due
  • 4-H scholarship applications due
  • Market swine weigh-in
  • Coming Soon
  • County Fair entries due!
  • Market meat goat and sheep weigh-in
  • Livestock ID's due for county and state fairs
  • State 4-H Youth Conference in Ames
  • Event Day (Saturday)
  • Indoor judging day (static exhibits)
  • Poweshiek County Fair
  • Iowa State Fair
  • Record book workshops

Club Resources

4-H Online

New 4-H Member Enrollment
4-H Member Re-Enrollment

4-H Member Welcome Packet

Re-enrollments begin September 1st! 

Please make sure you are registered on 4HOnline and paid your registration fee via 4HOnline or check (dropped off with Extension). 

4H Online (for all 4-H members and Clover Kids to enroll)
Enrollment Instructions
4H enrollments and re‐enrollments will be completed in 4HOnline.  Help sheets are available below. Please remember the following pieces of information:

For those re‐enrolling DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Just log into your previous years account and update the information or add additional 4H’ers. If you have forgotten your password, select I forgot my password and a new one will be sent to you. For 4‐H purposes your county is Poweshiek regardless of wha

4-H Club Officer Resources

Club Officer Resources:

Vice President
Treasurer (Treasurer Report)
Secretary (Secretary Report)

4-H Club Leader Resources

Financial Management
Medical Release Forms
Prescription Release Forms

Tips for Conducting Club Meetings: This publication focuses on meeting structure, engaging youth, fun activities to try with your club, the roles of officers, setting boundaries for youth and how to use positive discipline.

Vibrant 4-H Clubs: This brochure covers 4-H club best practices, 4-H resources, and group decision making methods. 

Pre-meeting Activities: This document contains a list of activities you can try when working with youth to keep them engaged and to promote a sense of belonging and inclusiveness in the club. 

County Council

Coming Soon

Record Keeping

Record Book Guide

Yearly Summary (must accompany all record books.)

Project Area Forms

Basic 4-H Project Record  (grades 4-6)
Experienced 4-H Project Record (grades 7-9) 
Advanced 4-H Project Record  (grades 10-12)
Project Research Award Application

Livestock Project Record Sheets

Breeding Animals

Dairy & Dairy Goat


Horse & Pony

Market Animals


Safety and Education in Shooting Sports (SESS)

Why Should We Do Record Books?
  • To learn how to set goals, how to make plans for action and how to evaluated yourself
  • To learn skills of organization that can be used now and in the future
  • To learn to communicate and summarize
  • To learn responsibility by completing a task
  • This is a great way to look back on all you have done through out 4-H! We promise one day you will be glad you pushed through and completed these books! 
Record Keeping Tips

As you work on your record books, particularly your project records, you need to keep in mind the difference between a project and an exhibit.

  • Project Areas: This is a specific project area you would like to learn more about throughout your year in 4-H. There are 42 different project areas to chose from. They are: Beef, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, Dog, Bottle Calf, Horse & Pony, Meat Goats, Pets, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine, Veterinary Science, Music, Photography, Visual Arts, Horticulture, Crop Production, Child Development, Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Consumer Management, Health, Home Improvement, Sewing, Citizenship, Communication, Digital Storytelling, Leadership, Self Determined, Mechanics & Design, Woodworking, Science, Engineering and Technology, Outdoor Adventures, Safety & Education in Shooting Sports, Environment and Sustainability
  • Exhibits: This is an outgrowth of what you learned in your project area. This is what you bring to the County Fair to have evaluated by a judge such as a photograph or a market steer.
    • You do NOT have to complete a Project Record for each of your fair exhibits. For example: You may have taken three photographs  and a visual arts project to the County Fair with four different Indoor Judging Day Write-Ups. For your record book, however, you only need to complete one Project Record for Creative Arts.
Helpful Documents

Awards and Scholarships

Friends of 4-H Previous Award Winners

This award is given out at our year end awards ceremony to recognize adult volunteers, families, or businesses who make a significant contribution in either time or financial support to the Poweshiek County 4-H program.  The nominee does not need to be a past 4-H’er, but should have made contributions to the 4-H program beyond the club level.

We thank the following individuals, families or businesses for their contributions through the years:

  • 2000       Frances Hall
  • 2001       John Waterbeck
  • 2002       KGRN
  • 2003       Larry Iverson
  • 2004       J.O. Parker
  • 2005       Myron Widmer
  • 2006       Lucille Van Dyke
  • 2007       Poweshiek County Farm Bureau
  • 2008       Grinnell Herald Register
  • 2009       Poweshiek Cattleman
  • 2010       Brownell’s Inc
  • 2011       Poweshiek County CR
  • 2012       Fremont Farms of Iowa
  • 2013       Kyle McCuen and Betsy Cranston
  • 2014       Pizza Ranch of Grinnell
  • 2015       Theisen’s of Grinnell