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Embark on an exhilarating journey with 4-H, a global program captivating the hearts of nearly 6 million young people! Youth can experience 4-H through school and community clubs, in-school and after-school programs, and 4-H camps. 4-H programming focuses on the following program project areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Communication and the Arts, Healthy Living, Leadership and Civic Engagement, and STEM. 4-H welcomes youth from various backgrounds and passions in grades K-12 - Clover Kids (grades K-3) and 4-H Clubs (grades 4-12).

Enrolling in your county's 4-H program may involve an enrollment fee. Please contact your local County Extension Office to find out more. Financial assistance for individual enrollment fees is available through the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

Ready to start your 4-H adventure? Fill out our interest form below or contact your local County Extension Office to learn more about the endless 4-H opportunities.

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What is 4-H?

4-H youth programs provide opportunities for youth to develop skills they can use throughout their life. Iowa 4-H builds upon a century of experience as it fosters positive youth development that is based on the needs and strengths of youth, their families, and communities. 

Why Join 4-H?

Kids learn by doing in 4-H, with the help of positive adults. 4-H members join a learning community (commonly known as clubs) who help foster a fun, safe environment. Within their clubs, members can explore topics they are interested in and showcase what they learned at local and state events! 

Who Can Join 4-H?

Any Kindergarten through 3rd grader is eligible to join Clover Kids 
Any 4th-12th grader is eligible to join 4-H

How to Join 4-H?

Joining 4-H is easy! Just follow these steps below.

Step 1

Explore 4-H: 

Look for 4-H project areas that are of interest to you
4-H Projects List
Programs Involved with 4-H

Step 2

Check Out Poweshiek County 4-H Clubs:

Learn about the Poweshiek County 4-H Clubs and see which one may be a good fit for you. Club Leaders will give you specific information about the club, such as meeting dates/times and club rules/expectations. No matter what your interests, there's a club for you!

If you're not sure which club may suit you, don't worry! Just contact our County Youth Coordinator for more information and we will find a club that's best for you!

Step 3


To become a 4-H Member, you need to enroll on 4-H Online.
There is an annual program enrollment fee of $35.
If you are in need of financial assistance please fill out and turn in a
4-H Scholarship Form

Please check out our Enrollment Help Sheets:
Help Sheet for NEW Families
Help Sheet for Re-Enrolling Members

After you enroll, your adventure begins!! Don't forget to keep up with Poweshiek 4-H's Facebook Page for events and happenings!

4-H Sparks Adventure

Poweshiek County 4-H Clubs:


Mighty Golden Clovers

Leader: Stacy Turley


Leader: Sheena Huls


4 Bar H

Leader: Sarah Henry 

Poweshiek Producers

Leader: Amanda Latcham


Madison Moovers

Leader: Travis Henkle  

Poweshiek Pioneers

Leader: Jessica Lacaeyse

Deep River

Deep River Helping Hands

Leader: Megan Tindle


Sugar Creek

Leader: Heidi Brand 

Special Interest

Shooting Aces

Leader: Renny Crawford

Junior Master Gardeners

Leader: Betsy Cranston

Nature Club

Leader: Poweshiek County CYC

Wildlife Habitat Education Program

Leader: Poweshiek County CYC

Grinnell Robotics

Leader: Poweshiek County CYC

4-H Youth County Council 

Leader: Poweshiek County CYC

4-H Enrollments

4-H/Clover Kid Enrollments and re-enrollments are to be completed in 4H Online

Please check out our Enrollment Help Guides:
Enrollment Instructions
Help Sheet for NEW Families
Help Sheet for Re-Enrolling Members

Please remember the following pieces of information:

  • For those re‐enrolling DO NOT create a new account. Just log into your previous years account and update the information or add additional 4H’ers information.
  • If you have forgotten your password, select I forgot my password and a new one will be sent to you.
  • If you are joining a Poweshiek County 4‐H club your county is Poweshiek regardless of what county you reside in.
  • Don't forget to keep up with Poweshiek 4-H's Facebook Page for events and happenings!