Animal Identification

4-H ID Forms

All 4-H animals (excluding poultry and rabbits) must be identified on 4honline or via paper form turned into the Poweshiek County Extension Office by June 1, 2020 in order to be shown at the Poweshiek County Fair or the Iowa State Fair. Please make note that June 1st is a Monday! All forms will need to be turned in my 4:30 pm to be entered by Extension Staff.

Swine Projects (click here for the 4-H Swine Identification Protocols

All 4-H swine exhibitors will be tagging and identifying their own swine project(s). Tags can be purchased from the Extension Office and taggers are also available for use. 

  • County Fair Tags: $1 each
  • State Fair DNA Tags (required for all animals going to the State Fair): $8 each

When tagging your animals, complete the Iowa 4-H Swine Verification Form. Upon completion, enter that information in 4honline by June 1st or turn the form into Poweshiek County Extension by 8 AM on May 28 and they will enter it for you.  

Iowa State Fair - Please take note of these items if you plan to show your hog at the State Fair
  • Aniamls must be tagged with the DNA State Fair Tags in order to be elegible 
  • An Iowa State Fair 4-H DNA Envelope must be used to collect your tags and properly filled out then turned into the Extension Office by May 22 at 8 AM. These envelopes are available at the Poweshiek County Extension Office:  114 S 3rd Street, Montezuma. 
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