4-H Record Keeping Forms

4-H Record Keeping

All record forms and award applications are DUE OCTOBER 2ND, 2019!


Awards Night: November 3rd, 2019 - Location TBD

Helpful Documents

Record Keeping & Awards

To be eligible to receive a Project or Outstanding Record Book Award, 4-H'ers need to fill out record keeping forms. You will need 1 form per project area (aka division, NOT class). Those applying for Outstanding Record Books also need a Yearly Summary. See the "Guide to 4-H Awards" above for a checklist of materials.

  • Yearly Summary (must accompany all record books applying for outstanding awards)

For 4-H club and senior award applications, head over to the 4-H Awards Page.

Project Record Forms

Each Project Area below corresponds to the Project Award that a 4-H'er can receive. 
Not sure what form you need or where your fair exhibit fits? Check out the Poweshiek 4-H Awards List!

Project Area     1-3 years         4-6 years         7+ years    
Agriculture & Natural Resources Basic Experienced Advanced
Animals Basic Experienced Advanced
Beef Basic Experienced Advanced
Cavy Basic Experienced Advanced
Clothing & Fashion Basic Experienced Advanced
Communications Basic Experienced Advanced
Creative Arts Basic Experienced Advanced
Dairy Goats Basic Experienced Advanced
Dog Basic Experienced Advanced
Family & Consumer Science Basic Experienced Advanced
Horse & Pony Basic Experienced Advanced
Horticulture Basic Experienced Advanced
Meat Goat Basic Experienced Advanced
Personal Development Basic Experienced Advanced
Pets Basic Experienced Advanced
Poultry Basic Experienced Advanced
Rabbit Basic Experienced Advanced
Science, Tech, & Engineering Basic Experienced Advanced
Sheep Basic Experienced Advanced
Shooting Sports Basic Experienced Advanced
Swine Basic Experienced Advanced

Project Area Worksheets

Project area worksheets are NOT required. They can be used as tools to help you keep track of your projects.

Breeding Animals
Dairy and Dairy Goat
Horse and Pony
Market Animals
Safety and Education in Shooting Sports (SESS)

Record Keeping Tips

  • As you work on your record books, particularly your project records, you need to keep in mind the difference between a project and an exhibit.

    • Project Areas: This is a specific project area you would like to learn more about throughout your year in 4-H. Therre are 42 different project areas to chose from. They are: Beef, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, Dog, Bottle Calf, Horse & Pony, Meat Goats, Pets, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine, Veterinary Sciece, Music, Photography, Visual Arts, Horticulture, Crop Production, Child Development, Clothing, Food & Nutrition, Consumer Management, Health, Home Improvement, Sewing, Citizenship, Communication, Digital Storytelling, Leadership, Self Determined, Mechanics & Design, Woodworking, Science, Engineering and Technology, Outdoor Adventures, Safety & Education in Shooting Sports, Environment and Sustainablity
    • Exhibits: This is an outgrowth of what you learned in your project area. This is what you bring to the County Fair to have evaluated by a judge such as a photograph or a market steer.

      • You do NOT have to complete a Project Record for each of your fair exhibits. For example: You may have taken three photographs  and a visual arts project to the County Fair with four different Indoor Judging Day Write-Ups. For your record book, however, you only need to complete one Project Record for Creative Arts.
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