Enabling Garden - Altoona, Iowa

The Enabling Garden in Altoona started in 2002 as a collaborative effort between Polk County Master Gardeners and the City of Altoona. The garden is located 1050 1st Avenue South in Altoona, 50009.



The Enabling Garden: "Where disabilities become abilities."

Our primary goal is to welcome people of all abilities to experience the garden. This Polk County Master Gardener project provides an area that illustrates gardening for individuals with physical impairments by demonstrating the construction of barrier-free gardening. Through the use of design concepts such as raised beds and vertical wall gardens, visitors learn how gardens can be adapted to accommodate any gardener regardless of age or ability.

What You'll See

  • Signage throughout the garden explaining the details of designs and construction methods used in making a safe and comfortable environment for leisure activities, as well as horticulture therapy.

  • meditative water feature, a rain garden and many seasonal annuals and perennials blooming throughout the summer.

  • The George Washington Carver Learning Center where classes are held during summer months, starting with an Arbor Day Celebration in April.

  • Interactive children's garden where they can play experience all five senses.

  • Unique features such as a miniature garden and a bottle tree.

  • Several unique sculptures by artist John Brommel including a 12' praying mantis.

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