Small Talk program for parents or caregivers of young children

Small Talk is a ten-week virtual program designed to help parents/caregivers learn how to create an enriching language environment for children in their earliest, most critical months of life. Parents and caregivers will learn strategies to increase the amount of adult talk, back-and-forth interaction, and time spent reading to children.
The goal of the program is to provide families with basic yet critical information about language and brain development along with effective, engaging ways they can naturally embed language learning into everyday activities by talking, singing, and reading. Through helping parents talk and read more with their children, and connecting them to language and literacy resources in our community, the program empowers families to set their children up for academic success and be on track for 3rd grade reading proficiency. Plus, families will receive a book each week to build their family library!
An orientation for the program will be held Monday, June 21st from 7:30-8:00pm via Zoom. To register, please complete this form or contact Michelle Schott at 515-664-8272 or The virtual program will be held on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30pm from July 7 - September 8th.
This program is available to participants from Polk County; spaces are limited. For questions, contact Michelle Schott at 515-664-8272 or

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