Purchase the Newly Revised Category 3 Ornamental and Turfgrass Manual, CS15A

Individuals who want to become certified in the commercial and public pesticide applicator Category 3 – Ornamental and Turfgrass Pest Management, must purchase the newly revised manual if taking the test after January 8, 2018. These manuals will be available for pick up in our office after January 15.
This category manual supplements information in the Iowa Core Manual, CS 0445, and should not be used for certification preparation without referring to that manual.

The newly revised Category 3 Ornamental and Turfgrass Manual, CS15A, covers the plant pathogens, insects and mites, weeds, and vertebrates common in Iowa’s ornamental and turfgrass settings, and the various strategies used in managing these pests. The manual was written with full input from subject matter experts across Iowa. Complete with four-color pictures and detailed pest information, this descriptive work will not only assist persons in preparing to take the Category 3T (Turfgrass), 3OT (Ornamental and Turfgrass), or 3O (Ornamental) certification examination(s), but will also serve as a reference for applicators and industry support personnel.

[Note: The previous Category 3 manual included Greenhouse Pest Management. This material was considered distinctly different from Ornamental and Turfgrass pests so it is currently being developed as a separate manual. A PDF version of the Greenhouse material is available until the new Greenhouse manual, CS15B, is released (anticipated early 2018 availability).] CS15

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