Natural Resources Program Coordinator announced at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in Polk County

ALTOONA, IA (September 7, 2022) – Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach in Polk County announces Stephanie Harrington as the new natural resources program coordinator. Harrington will lead the planning and implementation of various natural resources programs including the Master Conservationist and the Polk County Master Gardener programs. 

“Stephanie has the technical expertise to lead trainings and horticulture programming within Polk County,” said Paul Gibbins ISU Extension in Polk County regional director said. “We are very pleased to have her join the team. Stephanie will play a crucial role in supporting the Master Gardener and Master Conservationist programs, but also expanding the county’s program offerings to be more inclusive of the wide variety of natural resources programs available through ISU Extension and Outreach.” 

About Harrington
As the natural resources program coordinator, Harrington will be responsible for engaging community partners to help elevate natural resources programming and managing the over 280 volunteers currently enrolled in the Polk County Master Gardener program. 

“I am eager to use my skills and knowledge to further advance natural resources programming in Polk County,” said Harrington. “I’m just as excited to lead programming as I am to learn more about horticulture and how to engage residents in informal, community education.” 

In addition to Harrington’s technical knowledge acquired through her horticulture degree and Master Gardener certification, she also brings strong organizational and administrative skills to the team. She is a resident of Des Moines and enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, and promoting mental health and wellness.


About Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in Polk County 
For over 100 years, ISU Extension and Outreach in Polk County has served its residents by connecting them to research and resources developed by Iowa State University. Knowledge and programs offered through the ISU Extension Polk County office have been specifically tailored to represent, enhance, and meet the needs of Polk County residents and community. For 2022 ISU Extension in Polk County will focus on local issues including: K-12 youth outreach; family and food; and agriculture and the environment. ISU Extension and Outreach in Polk County is a part of a 99-county campus backed by research to serve all Iowans to create a strong Iowa.