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     ARC PLC: An Overview

     Base Acres: Retain or Reallocate

     Updating Farm Yields

     Calculating ARC PLC Payments

     Using the ARC PLC Calculators

     Determining the Marketing Year Average National Cash Price

     Making the ARC or PLC Election

     Reviewing ARC PLC Forms and Program Compliance

Finalizing ARC PLC Decisions Meetings

         Webcast     Handouts

Ag Decision Maker and Statewide Farm Bill Meeting Locator

Farm Service Agency Farm Bill

Meeting Handout

Yield Update Excel file

Base Reallocation Excel file

Substitute Yields for Updating PLC Payment Yield

ARC/PLC Programs Overview

Legal Issues and the 2014 Farm Bill

AGI Calculation could Influence Choice of Entity



Updating Base Acres and Yields

ARC and PLC Decisions: Election and Enrollment

ARC vs. PLC Interactions

Base Acre Reallocation

Status of ARC vs. PLC w/SCO for 2015 Crops with Dr. Art Barnaby

ARC, PLC and SCO - How do They Work?

Five Year Farm Program

Farm Bill 2014 Timeline

Webcasts and Handouts

Finalizing ARC or PLC/SCO Choices with 2015 Crop Insurance Decisions

Webcast     Handout

Calculating Whether to Retain or Reallocate Base Acres

Webcast     Handout

Crop Marketing Strategies and the Farm Program

Webcast   Handout

2014-2018 ARC PLC Decisions

Webcast with USDA FSA     Handout

Webcast with Steve Johnson     Handout    

Crop Risk Management Strategies and the New Farm Program

Webcast     Handout

ARC vs. PLC Enrollment Decisions

Webcast     Handout

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