Crop Marketing Strategies

Crop Marketing Strategies



New! Using a Basis Contract to Reward Strong Harvest Basis

Back to the Basics: Considering Basis, Carry & Cost of Ownership

Yield Uncertainty Despite the September Objective Yield Survey

Resetting '19 Corn Futures Price Objectives

What are the Correct 2019 U.S. Corn & Soybean Planted Acres?

Late, Wet Planting Conditions to Change the Corn Belt Balance Sheet

Volatility Returns: Setting Corn Futures Price Objectives

A Spring Basis Pay: Lower Futures Increases Opportunities

Expect a Late Planting Rally for Corn Futures

Fibonacci Retracements to set Corn Futures Price Objectives

Soybeans Futures Price Objectives using Fibonacci Retracements


Does Storing Unpriced Corn and Soybeans Really Pay?

The Importance of Knowing Your Seasonal Basis Patterns

Considering Basis, Carry and Cost of Ownership for Marketing at Harvest

Record Corn Yields; Accessing Sell or Store Considerations

How Best to Use the ProFarmer Midwest Crop Tour Results

Tariff Threats with China Curtail Spring Price Rallies

Expect Seasonal Patterns to Work: Pre-Harvest Marketing Rallies

Strategies for Pre-Harvest Marketing Success

Bullish Corn Fundamentals: Setting New Crop Price Objectives

Selling the Weather Rallies

Setting Futures Price Objectives using Fibonacci Retracements

Overcoming Soybean Basis and Cost of Ownership Challenges


Three Considerations in Marketing your Unpriced Corn, Soybeans

Does Storing Unpriced Corn and Soybeans Really Pay?

Understanding the U.S. Corn Stocks to Use Ratio

September Report Yield Expectations by USDA NASS

How NASS Determines Implied Ear Weight for Corn

Cash Flow Marketing: Implementing Your Plan

June Weather Scare: Rewarding the Corn Market

Will we see Higher Seasonal Prices in 2017?

ENSO Neutral Spring, El Nino Return by Late Summer

Technical Chart Signals: Lessons Learned

2017 Acreage Battle Favors Soybeans

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