Iowa 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event Award Winners Announced

AMES, Iowa – One hundred thirty-three youth from 70 counties participated in the 2019 Awardrobe Clothing Event held at the Iowa State Fair Aug. 8. The event provides 4-H members in grades 9-12 the opportunity to showcase their apparel design and production knowledge, as well as creativity skills. As a part of the showcasing experience, youth complete a comprehensive report and participate in conference judging. The event concludes with a runway show for all participants.
This year, three young people served on the youth leadership team for the event. Britt Bowersox of Johnson County, Kelsie Kinne of Worth County and Gabby McCoy of Warren County are state clothing project area award winners, which is a recognition opportunity offered through State 4-H Recognition Day. They worked throughout the summer to plan the runway show theme, workshops, music, decorations and program.
“Our planning team and volunteers work together to make this a valuable and interesting experience for our youth participants. We enjoy providing an opportunity for them to showcase their project area knowledge, learn new clothing-related skills and network with youth from around the state who share their interests,” said Bonnie Dalager, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H youth program specialist.
Workshops this year featured hands-on opportunities in clothing-related career exploration and design. Collaborative art workshops were based on design techniques from around the world.
The event has three categories: clothing selection – participants select or purchase an outfit for a specific occasion; fashion revue – the garment is constructed, hand-knitted, machine-knitted or crocheted by the participant; and the $15 challenge – the participant purchases an outfit for $15 or less from garage sales, consignment shops or clothing resale stores.
“4-H members in the Awardrobe Clothing Event are evaluated on their oral and written communication skills, project goals, choice of clothing and knowledge of the garment, as well as their poise and confidence displayed while modeling their outfits,” said Dalager.
State fair participants are nominated for the Awardrobe Clothing Event within their county 4-H program. Recognition opportunities include gift cards for top-ranking class participants, and sponsored awards by the Central Iowa Sewing Guild and a $500 scholarship awarded by Iowa State’s apparel, merchandising and design program.


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