Livestock Housing Policy

Reminder of livestock housing policy
The following policy has been set forth by the 4-H & Youth Committee for several years and is supported by the Plymouth County Extension Council and Plymouth County Fairboard.  This is a no tolerance policy.  Failure to abide by this policy will result in not exhibiting at the Plymouth County Fair.  It is not the leader’s responsibility to follow these guidelines, it is up to each family.  Should you have any questions, you will need to contact the Plymouth County Extension & Outreach Office at 712-546-7835.
· 4-H families that live on a farm/acreage with any kind of livestock housing will be expected to have ALL of their 4-H livestock project (beef, sheep, swine, and poultry) housed there.  If alternative arrangements need to be made (because no housing/water exists), the location must be approved by the Extension and Outreach Office and 4-H & Youth Committee prior to the identification deadline.  This means you must call or email the Extension and Outreach Office with the request so that it can be put on the agenda for the next 4-H & Youth Committee meeting and then discussed and voted on!  We ask that the alternative address be written on identification forms at weigh ins.
· If the 4-H’er does not have ANY facilities at the location where they live, alternative housing is  acceptable as long as it’s preapproved and meets the following criteria:  The project needs to be within close proximity for the 4-H’er to easily care for that animal on a daily basis.  For example, if Johnny 4-H’er lives in town and his sheep are kept at his Grandpa’s place six miles out of town on the farm then Grandpa’s address will need to be on the identification form.  It is not acceptable for the project to be 40 miles away at a friend’s farm.  The 4-H’er needs to be the one in charge of that project and the primary care giver of that project as they have signed during enrollment on the Code of Ethics.
 · 4-H’ers must be in good standing with their county in order to participate in state or interstate 4-H shows according to the State Livestock Handbook document 4-H 202.  Extension & Outreach staff will not approve entries for these shows if 4-H’ers and their families have not been in compliance with county guidelines.
· If you live at a location that has shelter and water for livestock, you will be expected to house your 4-H project that will be exhibited at the Plymouth County Fair, at your home!
· Direct criticism or interference with the judge, fair officials, show coordinators, superintendents, volunteers, staff, or other exhibitors before, during or after the competitive event is prohibited. Parents shall not enter the show ring during the event unless it involves the health and safety of the exhibitor. In furtherance of their official duty, these officials, volunteers, and staff shall be treated with courtesy, cooperation, and respect.  If this rule is broken the parent will be asked to leave the fairgrounds and the exhibitor will be disqualified from the rest of that show. If the confrontation continues, the exhibitor may be disqualified from the fair and asked to leave the fairgrounds and forfeit all premiums.  This will be determined by Extension & Outreach staff, Extension Council and Fairboard.   This could result in the family being banned from exhibiting at other state and interstate exhibitions as well. 

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