Barn Quilts of Plymouth County

Looking to add a little character to your barn.  Barn quilts are becoming the lastest craze in Plymouth County.  The barn quilts not only add to your interest of your barn ,but also the interest of people driving by your barn.


The mission of the barn quilt program is to celebrate quilting as a traditional art form, appreciate the prairie architecture of farm buildings, promote art appreciation, stimulate county economic growth while celebrating our agricultural heritage.  Barns and corn cribs are chosen for homes for quilt designs.  The actual quilt square is made of two sheets of high grade plywood.  The quilt pattern is transferred to the plywood and painted with specifically chosen paint to withstand the weather.  The quilt pattern and location must meet the approval of the barn quilt steering committee.  Financing is handled on a case by case basis.  Contributions or gifts are accepted.  4-H, youth, garden and service clubs as well as families and others are encouraged to participate in producing and funding the county quilt designs. 

To learn more about Barn Quilts of Plymouth County and who to contact with questions:

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