Kimberly Cavalier

Page County Extension Director

Community Relations
Human Resources

Debbie Swanson

County Youth Coordinator

Youth and 4-H

Dee Dino

Office Assistant

Mary Auten

Growing Strong Families Parent Educator

Growing Strong Families is a comprehensive family experience for expectant parents as well as parents and caregivers of children from birth through age 5.
This program is available for all families in Page County with a child from birth to 5 years old.

Alan Ladd

Regional Extension Education Director

Kim Brantner

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life

Family Life

Barbara Fuller

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness

Healthy People have been an interest for Barb Fuller throughout her professional career.  From food safety concerns to making healthy food choices, Barb is able to bring nutrition expertise to a wide range of audiences. A growing awareness of local foods and regional food systems is an emerging area of emphasis for her work.
Delivering unbiased, research-based health and nutrition information to people at the community level is Barb’s mission, creating healthy life-style choices, her goal.    

Patrick Hatting

Farm Management Specialist

Jane Hayes-Johnk

Youth Field Specialist
Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson

Swine Program Specialist

animal welfare assessment or auditing, housing and ventilation, county fair derby programs, air quality, pork quality, production management software, record systems, pork quality assurance - PQA+ producer education, pork quality assurance - PQA+ site assessments, TQA (trucker quality assurance)

Erika Lundy

Beef Program Specialist

Beef cow nutrition, heifer development, cow reproduction and calving, estrus synchronization, bull reproduction breeding soundness, pasture and forage management, pasture economics, grazing management, cost analysis and herd records, weaning management and preconditioning, health management, handling facilities and housing, feedlot nutrition, data management and housing, facilities and housing, water quality, feedlot health management, implants and feed additives, cracass grades and value based marketing, alternative beef systems, identification systems and traceability, animal behavior, animal welfare assessment and auditing

Sandra McKinnon

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Finance

Family Life Child Development

Aaron Saeugling

Crops Program Specialist


Shawn Shouse

Agricultural Engineering Program Specialist
712-769-2650 or cell 712-250-0135

Agriculture Engineering

Steve Adams

Community Development Specialist

Communities and Business

Joe Hanna

Horticulture Specialist

Organic crop production, vegetable crop production, fruit tree management, small fruit crop management, local foods

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