Transcript: Making a Difference for Iowans

2013 ISU Extension and Outreach Annual Report Video Message from Cathann Kress

Iowa State University’s land-grant mission has three parts: teaching, research, and extension and outreach. Extension and Outreach puts the university’s research and resources to work throughout the state of Iowa. And that’s kind of a big deal.

Extension and Outreach is embedded throughout the university with faculty, researchers, and partners in all the colleges. Even Cy has an extension appointment.

But we don’t do it alone. Our citizen volunteers engage with us and extend Iowa State University programs even further. The 17,000 volunteers would fill Hilton Coliseum and a good chunk of the parking lot. Now that’s some Hilton Magic.

More than 105,000 Iowa youth participate in Iowa State’s 4-H program. That’s almost double the seating capacity of Jack Trice Stadium -- even on a day when we play the Hawkeyes.

After all, Iowa State University is the birthplace of Cooperative Extension. Our faculty and staff on campus and in the county offices makes Iowa State University a 99 county campus with 100 county extension offices. Pottawattamie has two.

Our staff are about 1,000 strong. They work with families, farmers, businesses, and communities all across the state.

Every dollar that Iowans invest in Extension and Outreach pays back dividends … when entrepreneurs start businesses, families make healthy choices, and communities become better places to live.

Our agriculture and natural resources specialists educate fruit and vegetable growers. They share research about ways to extend the growing season and improve product quality and quantity.

We strengthen connections between older folks and younger folks through fitness and exercise to enhance their health. That’s part of Human Sciences Extension and Outreach.

Our Center for Industrial Research and Service worked with 1,600 companies last year. Those companies added or saved more than 5,600 jobs, and generated $389 million in economic impact.

Each year our community and economic development specialists provide training and information to more than 60,000 Iowans. That includes community leaders, local government officials, business owners, entrepreneurs, and volunteers.

Our 4-H program prepares young people to be leaders for Iowa’s future. We build their skills for healthy living, STEM, citizenship, leadership, and communication and the arts.

Extension and Outreach is about people and education is our mission. We’re focused on feeding people, keeping them healthy, helping their communities to prosper and thrive, and turning the world over to the next generation in better shape than we found it. Because what Extension and Outreach helps people do for themselves, achieves the greatest results.

President Steven Leath wants Iowa State to be the university that best serves its state. That’s the whole point of a land-grant university. Extension and Outreach is making a difference for Iowans.


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