Quick Facts

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach engages Iowans to build a #STRONGIOWA. We provide research-based education for sustainable environments, economic growth, thriving communities, healthy people, and Iowa’s next generation.

Our impact

  • 613,000 direct contacts with Iowans through our educational programs
  • 10 million online contacts through our websites, social media, and downloads of educational materials

Note: Direct contacts refer to each time an individual had contact with our educational programs. Online contacts refer to each time an individual had contact with our online resources.

For example

  • Last year we reached more than 288,000 direct contacts with information on agricultural best practices.
  • Our community and economic development specialists provided skills training for more than 50,000 community leaders, local government officials, business owners, entrepreneurs, and volunteers.
  • More than 43,000 early childhood education professionals participated in our educational programming to improve care for young children.
  • Nearly 91,000 K-12 youth participated in six or more hours of our 4-H youth development education, building skills so they’re ready for college and careers.
  • To help Iowans deal with an uncertain farm economy, we provide financial management information and resources, and Iowa Concern’s 24/7 access to stress counselors, referrals and an attorney for legal education.

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February 2020