2012 Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Annual Report

Becoming the University That Best Serves Its State

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Extension and Outreach connects Iowans to Iowa State University’s academic programs and scientists. We provide access and build capacity so Iowa State education and research can benefit Iowans quickly and effectively — and Iowans can inform the evolving research.

  • We develop partnerships that strengthen Iowa’s economy. Companies who worked with our Center for Industrial Research and Service last year reported making $46 million in new investments and creating or retaining more than 5,600 jobs.
  • Extension and Outreach community and economic development specialists provide training and build skills each year for more than 40,000 community leaders, local government officials, business owners, entrepreneurs, and volunteers.
  • We take on food and environmental challenges, including the slowly unfolding crisis of our current drought. More than 6,000 Iowans participated in Extension and Outreach meetings and webinars and called our hotlines and specialists for updates on crop, livestock, and horticulture issues.Our drought response will continue, as we look ahead to 2013 and anticipate Iowans’ needs for their farms, families, businesses, and communities.
  • Our educational programs help Iowans improve their health and well-being. Nearly 2,000 child care providers improved their nutrition skills — so they can help children learn to eat more fruits and vegetables and increase their physical activity — which contributes to helping Iowa become a healthier state overall.
  • 4-H ShamrockWe also build science, technology, engineering, and math skills in our young people. Extension and Outreach programs engage Iowa youth in STEM activities and 4-H projects ranging from environmental stewardship to polymer experiments and DNA extraction.
  • More than 105,000 youth participate in 4-H programs.That’s one in every five Iowa youth.
  • Each year nearly a million people directly benefit from Extension and Outreach educational programs.
  • We reach more than a million people through our websites and online educational materials and courses.
  • In addition, 17,000 Iowans volunteer with us, increasing our capacity throughout the state.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach works to make sure Iowa State becomes the university that best serves its state. We will take every opportunity to innovate and create partnerships to best serve the people of Iowa.

Cathann Kress, Vice President for Extension and Outreach


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