2019 Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Annual Report

2019 Annual Report Download the 2019 Annual Report (pdf)

What Iowans Value

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach provides research-based education and engages Iowans in solving today’s problems and preparing for a thriving future. We support what Iowans value: #STRONGIOWA

Some Highlights from 2019

Clean Water

We provided training for 70 watershed coordinators, increasing their skills and knowledge about constructed wetlands, saturated buffers, bioreactors, prairie strips, and cover crops. They are better able to teach and support individual landowners and managers who implement water quality best practices in Iowa.

2,055 farmers and 2,371 commercial manure applicators were trained on proper manure storage, nutrient retention, application safety, and emergency response. By carefully managing manure resources, they efficiently recycle crop nutrients and protect the environment.

Safe Food Supply

On-farm food safety information has reached more than 3,000 fruit and vegetable growers in Iowa and nearby states. In addition, two websites and online tools provide growers with food safety education on demand.

1,850 foodservice professionals participated in ServSafe education, becoming certified food protection managers. They are well qualified to implement essential food safety practices in foodservice establishments.

Sound Rural Economies

We made over 288,000 contacts with farmers and agribusinesses through meetings, face-to-face consultations, and phone and email discussions. Our specialists present research-based information and answer technical questions to help Iowans make sound decisions and grow the economic base of Iowa agriculture.

96 Iowans from five counties participated in our Leading Communities program, gaining skills to develop, increase, and sustain the local leadership efforts that are necessary to address community issues and create resilient communities.

Empowered Local Leaders

We provide skills training for more than 50,000 community leaders, local government officials, business owners, entrepreneurs, and volunteers. They are improving their capacity to promote civic engagement, build coalitions, and increase local economic development.

Our Growing Together volunteers harvested and donated approximately 115,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables throughout the 2019 growing season for Iowa food pantries, meal sites, and shelters. Their efforts produced nearly 345,000 servings of fresh produce to fight hunger in their communities.

Resilient Families

With a $480,000 grant from USDA, ISU Extension and Outreach and partners in seven states are providing stress assistance programs to support people engaged in farming, ranching, and other agriculture-related occupations.

6,775 people took part in family finance education, learning about money management, recordkeeping, and retirement planning. They are gaining skills to make ends meet now and prepare for long-term financial security.

Young Children Ready to Learn

More than 43,000 early childhood education professionals participated in our educational programming. They’ve gained skills and knowledge to provide high quality child care and support children’s development and early learning.

Young People Ready to Lead

Nearly 91,000 K-12 youth participated in six or more hours of our youth development education. 4-H programs prepare youth for higher education and careers as they build STEM, communication, leadership, and other skills.

ISU Extension and Outreach Impact

  • 613,000 direct contacts with Iowans through our educational programs
  • 10 million online contacts through our websites, social media, and downloads of educational materials

Note: Direct contacts refer to each time an individual had contact with our educational programs. Online contacts refer to each time an individual had contact with our online resources.