O'Brien County Fair 4-H Information

Most of these forms can be downloaded and typed onto, some will need to be printed then filled out. Any questions please contact our office.




It is required to enter your ID numbers online, Livestock ID Entry Instructions HERE. ID sheets below are to be used for your own reference.

  • 4th Grade Goal Card (pdf file to print on Green cardstock )
  • 4th Grade Goal Card (Word file to type on. Print on Green cardstock )
  • Other Grades Goal Card (pdf file to print on Yellow cardstock)
  • Other Grades Goal Card (Word file to type on.  Print on Yellow cardstock)
  • Food Exhibit Label

Photography Label  Full Sheet  Photography Label Half Sheet (cut in half)

These below forms will be completed in Fair Entry Registration by July 12


     ***Power Point Presentation Explaining Record Keeping***

     What is required in a record book?

     Definitions of 4-H Record Keeping Terms.



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