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General Agriculture


  • Crop Update published by Field Agronomist Joel DeJong



Farm Management


  • Northwest Iowa Snouts and Tails Newsletter published by Swine Specialist Dave Stender


Using a variety of educational deliveries including newsletters, websites, workshops, conferences, consultation, and clinics, our Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) specialists are engaged with farmers, researchers, organizations, agencies, agribusiness, and communities.

ANR Extension and Outreach plays an important role in providing research-based information and resources to educate Iowa and beyond. Our programs impact all Iowans, whether they live in a rural or urban area, and have been developed to improve our quality of life. Our areas of focus include: agricultural systems and environmental stewardship; crops; dairy production; farm, food and enterprise development; farm management; food safety; horticulture; beef production; swine production; and natural resources stewardship.