Yuko Sato

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In an effort to protect human and animal health from the rise of antibiotic resistance, the Food and Drug Administration has issued new guidelines that will regulate medically important antibiotic use in animal feed.

By: Grant Dewell and Chris Rademacher and Yuko Sato

Whether a producer keeps a few poultry birds or several thousand, common external parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice and mites can be devastating. A new Iowa State University Extension and Outreach publication provides a list of common parasites that affect poultry, along with a chart that compares the different insecticides available.

By: Yuko Sato

A poultry veterinarian with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach discusses tips that small-scale and backyard farming operations can implement to promote biosecurity and prevent avian influenza infections.

By: Yuko Sato

Poultry producers, backyard bird owners and consumers can expand their knowledge of avian influenza with answers from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

By: Yuko Sato and Mohamed El-Gazzar

Yuko Sato, associate professor in veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine and extension poultry veterinarian at Iowa State University, explains what highly pathogenic avian influenza is, how the virus can be transmitted and preventative measures that can help limit the spread in poultry.

By: Yuko Sato