Wild-Harvested Mushrooms Certification Classes Planned for Spring

Mushroom certifications to be offered in April and May

March 10, 2022, 9:39 am | Lina Rodriguez Salamanca

AMES, Iowa - Upcoming in-person classes through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will teach those hoping to sell wild-harvested mushrooms in the state to distinguish safe mushrooms from potentially poisonous lookalikes. 

Wild mushrooms.In order to legally sell wild harvested mushrooms in the state, mushroom harvesters must complete a certification workshop every three years. Registration is open to out-of-state individuals wishing to harvest or sell in the state, but participants from out of state should keep in mind that additional local restrictions may be required to sell in their home state. Those who obtained a Morel Certification in 2019 can renew their certification during this time as well.

The classes, taught by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Plant Pathology Diagnostician Lina Rodriguez Salamanca and Leonor Leandro, who teaches mycology at Iowa State, will cover eight common mushrooms (15 species). Several new species have been introduced for the 2022 session, including Chicken of the Woods, Hen of the Woods, Chanterelles, Lion’s Mane, Pheasant Back and Black Trumpet. 

This is the first year in which various new mushrooms are included. People interested in morels only and certified in the past have the option to recertify online. No first-time certification is offered online.  

“We have many more resources for mushroom enthusiasts at the safe mushroom foraging page. When harvesting wild edibles, proper identification and handling knowledge, as well as sensitivity and toxicity awareness, are equally important,” explained Rodriguez Salamanca.

To Obtain a Wild Mushroom Certification:

Registration is $60 and will close March 31. Participants should attend one of the following workshops:

To Renew a Morel Mushroom ONLY Certification:

Those certified in 2019 are eligible to recertify and should check if they received the recertification link at the email provided during registration in 2019. Certification number is required at webinar login.

Registration is $40 and will close March 31. Classes require a minimum of 10 participants and will otherwise not be held. Participants should attend one of the following virtual workshops:

  • April 14, 6-8 p.m. via Webex, mandatory pretest April 13, 6-6:30 p.m.
  • April 15, 3-5 p.m. via Webex, mandatory pretest April 14, noon-12:30 pm.

Those hoping to renew a Morel only certification before 2019 can email pidc@iastate.edu with a photo of the certificate attached, including a readable name and certificate number.

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