Weekly Weed Watch Videos Help Producers Scout

New series highlights the weeds Iowans should be watching for

June 29, 2020, 11:09 am | Zach Clemens

AMES, Iowa The Weekly Weed Watch is on, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists, along with the Integrated Pest Management program, are providing a new video series on scouting and identifying different common weeds farmers find in their fields.

“Anyone involved in managing weeds, or just curious about these villains of the plant world, should watch this series to learn the keys to differentiate the many weed species that infest Iowa’s fields, lawns and other areas,” said Bob Hartzler, professor in agronomy and extension weed specialist at Iowa State University.

weedThis series not only helps Iowans identify different weed species, but it also helps with comparing similar species, as well as explaining out how they are different from each other, according to Meaghan Anderson, field agronomist with ISU Extension and Outreach.

The videos can be found on the Field Extension Education Laboratory Vlog playlist on the Iowa State University IPM YouTube page. The first two videos in the series are:


Original photo: Common field weed

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