Water Rocks! Debuts New Youth Education Video Series

The Harmony Brook Watershed videos for young learners will be posted on Tuesdays

November 4, 2020, 12:07 pm | Ann Staudt

AMES, Iowa – The educational program Water Rocks! at Iowa State University has debuted the Harmony Brook Watershed video series for young learners.

Featuring puppets and Water Rocks! team members, the videos provide educational content in quick episodes designed to engage young people from preschool through third grade and introduce them to environmental, natural resources and conservation concepts.

The videos are accessible through the Water Rocks! website or directly on the Water Rocks! YouTube channel.

Harmony Brook.Starting with the first four episodes, which focus on learning about watersheds, the series will continue to grow with a new video being posted each Tuesday at 1 p.m. Additional topics will include soils, wetlands, waterways, pollinators, trees, ecosystems and habitats.

“We hope to see Harmony Brook Watershed videos become a valuable resource to teachers and parents looking for quality science education materials for youngsters,” said Ann Staudt, Water Rocks! director at Iowa State University. “The videos convey fundamental principles using simple language and fun conversations among the characters. Delivering the information in bite-sized doses, the series builds on nature-centered vocabulary and concepts. We’ve had a lot of fun creating and producing these videos and certainly hope the viewers will love them, too.” 

The puppet characters, representing species that are indigenous to Iowa, include a Barn Owl, Fox, Green Frog and Swallowtail Butterfly. Each has a unique personality and provides perspectives and information about their environment and ecosystems. Building on more than a decade of youth education and outreach, these videos provide science-based STEM lessons about conservation and water quality that can form a foundation for future science learning and instill lifelong interest in students.

To learn more about Water Rocks! or to view the Harmony Brook Watershed videos please visit www.waterrocks.org.

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