Understand Dairy Management Systems with Video Series

Videos highlight management and operating systems used by Iowa farmers

October 12, 2017, 3:39 pm | Jennifer Bentley

Understand DairyAMES, Iowa – A series of six new videos from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach have been created to help beginning dairy farmers learn about different types of dairy operations and management systems. Each video features a dairy farmer who discusses the different aspects of their operation.

“Given the many different types of dairy operations and management systems, we felt it was important to describe all types and styles of those systems,” said Jennifer Bentley, dairy specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach. “All six of the farms shown in the videos have worked with an ISU Extension and Outreach specialist in some aspect of their dairy operation and we felt they were good models to showcase to others.”

The videos are available on the ISU Extension and Outreach Dairy Team YouTube page.

Producers shown in the videos discuss the type of system chosen, why that system is used, challenges faced and advice they would give to others thinking of utilizing that specific system.

“We wanted producers to understand that while there is more than one way to manage a dairy operation, they all require some basic key concepts that are highlighted in the videos,” Bentley said. “It’s important for others to know what works well and has been successful, but also the challenges of operating these dairy systems.”

Both beginning and established producers can learn from the videos.

“These videos are meant to help those who are interested in dairying, like beginning farmers, choose a management system that fits their needs,” Bentley said. “It can also help current dairy producers who are looking to make a change to their management system, giving them a better understanding of the key success factors and possible challenges they may face.”

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