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The real world of crop markets is reflected in the website Iowa Commodity Challenge, developed by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Iowa Farm Bureau. Website users can explore how various tools work – without putting their actual money on the table.

By: Chad Hart and Steven Johnson

Wallaces Farmer and Iowa Master Farmers presented their Iowa Master Farmer Exceptional Service Award to two Iowa State University Extension and Outreach field specialists - Clarke McGrath and Steve Johnson.

By: Steven Johnson and Clarke McGrath and Ed Adcock

Having a plan is one of the most important ingredients for marketing both old and new crop corn and soybeans.

By: Steven Johnson and Ann Johanns

Farmers in the southeast and northwest portions of Iowa are dealing with drought, while those in the north and northeast have seen extensive flooding. Losses due to drought and flooding are insurable under multiple peril crop insurance, and the August issue of Ag Decision Maker seeks to answer frequently asked questions about crop insurance.

By: Ann Johanns and Charles Brown and Steven Johnson

Managing a farm’s cash flow is critical. The ability to generate cash is what allows farmers to pay their bills. Steve Johnson, farm management specialist, has recommendations for farmers trying to maximize their cash flow.

By: Steven Johnson

The cool, wet weather conditions this spring mean some Iowa corn and soybean fields will be planted later than normal, making this is a good time to revisit multiple peril crop insurance coverage options.

By: Steven Johnson and Ann Johanns

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has scheduled a workshop in Polk County geared toward women landowners as an opportunity to discuss drainage issues that exist on Iowa’s farmland.

By: Kapil Arora and Steven Johnson

The lion’s share of payments under the United States Department of Agriculture’s new Market Facilitation Program are going to pork and soybean producers. Given the most recent USDA production estimates, Iowa producers stand to gain more than $550 million from this program.

By: Steven Johnson

Iowa's late soybean harvest, caused by prolonged heavy rains in September and early October, has resulted in increased instances of field losses, abnormally high harvest moisture content and moldy soybeans. Combating these issues is difficult, but there are steps farmers can take to improve their crops this fall.

By: Charles Hurburgh and Steven Johnson and Meaghan Anderson

Recent flooding has forced many crop producers to reexamine their timeline for planting this spring. Steve Johnson, extension farm management specialist, answers frequently asked questions regarding prevented planting and the options farmers have.

By: Steven Johnson