Second Edition of Soybean Aphid Field Guide Available for Free Download or Purchase

Includes new management techniques for treating pyrethroid-resistant aphids

July 2, 2018, 9:54 am | Erin Hodgson

soybean aphids.AMES, Iowa — The second edition of the “Soybean Aphid Field Guide” is now available for free PDF download through the Iowa State University Extension Store. A physical copy soon will be available for purchase through the Store and through the North Central Soybean Research Program. The second edition revisits the 2013 guide and encompasses 62 pages complete with updated photos and graphics for soybean aphid management.
While the guide includes updated information on soybean aphid, new to the guide is a decision-making flowchart. Through 2017, failures of pyrethroid insecticides to control aphid population have been confirmed in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. To help equip farmers with the information needed to combat pyrethroid-resistant soybean aphids, as well as to make both economical and responsible decisions on pest management, the second edition illustrates a step-by-step management strategy.
“The Soybean Aphid Field Guide is a valuable resource for farmers and crop consultants that want to learn more about this economic pest,” said Erin Hodgson, associate professor and extension specialist in entomology. “Readers will have a better understanding of how to manage this pest profitably and sustainably.”
One of the features of the new edition is trial data from several research farms on aphid population responses to various insecticides, as well as scouting tips to efficiently and timely identify aphids on soybean plants in order to make the best insecticide decisions.
“For many farmers in the north central region, soybean aphid is the primary soybean insect pest,” Hodgson said. “This revised field guide has updated information on insecticide selection to improve management and ultimately profit margins.”
The second edition of the Soybean Aphid Field Guide is result of several funding partnerships including the North Central Soybean Research Program, the Minnesota Soybean Research Council and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.


Photo, above: Soybean aphids infesting a soybean plant. For many farmers in the north central region, soybean aphid is the primary soybean insect pest and can be costly to manage, especially if pyrethroid-resistant.

Chart, below: An excerpt from the Second Edition of the Soybean Aphid Field Guide, displaying evidenced-back pest management strategies to provide the most responsible and economical outcomes.   


decision-making chart for soybean aphid.



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