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Pick Your Houseplants

The key to plant success is placment in an appropriate site.  Outside, hostas perform best in some shade and daylilies prefer mostly sun. Houseplants are the same. The key difference is that the indoor “site” often refers to a particular window or exposure.  Plants like ferns, begonias and African violets prefer indirect light, while cacti and succulents (aloe, jade, Old-man cactus, etc.) prefer direct light. 


Control Houseplant Insect Pests Safely With Insecticidal Soap

Homemade remedies have been around almost as long as the common cold. Native Americans and early settlers used plant parts and extracts of native plants to treat many human health problems and to control pests on their crops. Although the ingredients and uses have changed over the years, some homemade remedies are still being used in homes and gardens.


Dealing with Plant-Eating Pets

Cats have a reputation for two things - they can be finicky eaters and they are very independent. They turn their noses up at some brands of cat food yet will nibble on a variety of houseplants. This annoying problem not only disfigures the plants, it may be hazardous to the pet's health.