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Planning a Butterfly Garden

Creating a garden or landscape that will attract and maintain butterflies takes some special planning and effort. “Butterfly gardening” is flower gardening that gives special consideration to the needs and requirements of butterflies. Meeting their needs by providing continuous bloom of nectar-producing flowers throughout the summer increases your chances of being able to watch the adults fly from flower to flower in the privacy and comfort of your own back yard.   Read more about Planning a Butterfly Garden


Amaryllis Are Fabulous, Foolproof and Fun

Nearly everyone enjoys receiving flowers or plants to recognize or celebrate a special occasion. However, there are times when sending and receiving flowers are not convenient or practical due to poor weather, inappropriate location or timing. There is a flower that is an exception - the amaryllis. It is a live, flowering plant that can be boxed, gift wrapped, and enjoyed a few weeks or a month later and, possibly, kept alive and going for years after that. Read more about Amaryllis Are Fabulous, Foolproof and Fun


Tweedia: The Little Blue Star

Tweedia is known for its distinctive turquoise blue star-shaped flowers and green/gray felted leaves. Prior to being identified as Tweedia caerulea, tweedia belonged to the genus Oxypetalum meaning sharp petal. Its five-petaled flowers bloom in loose clusters, which give way to boat-shaped seedpods. The seedpods are characteristic for the plant family in which it belongs, Asclepiadaceae. Read more about Tweedia: The Little Blue Star