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Famous Alumni Sign off on 4-H'er's Poster

The Dubuque County 4-H'er gathered contact information for 40 distinguished 4-H alumni from all walks of life including singers, actors, athletes, coaches, organization presidents, CEOs and politicians. Sending them letters that requested their participation, Hammerand asked for their signature and a short explanation of their 4-H experiences. She then created a poster with a Declaration of 4-H in the middle that resembled the Declaration of Independence, added their signatures to the manuscript and titled it “4-H is…Freedom.” The poster won a Seal of Excellence at the Iowa State Fair


A 4-H Trivia Quiz

In preparation for Iowa’s National 4-H Week celebration, Oct. 7-13, 2007, we are pleased to provide the following trivia quiz for readers. Use the quiz in its entirety or divide it up to use in features or fillers throughout the week. The answers are found at the end of the list of questions.