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Virus Problem Plagues Hosta

Hosta breeders and hobbyists are always looking for unique leaf colors and patterns, in hopes of discovering new, attractive and profitable varieties. In a cruel twist of fate, you may discover a new look on your hostas that is caused by a virus disease rather than a natural variation.  


Achoo! Was that your Plant Sneezing? Can Plants get the Flu?

The time of year has arrived when people begin to worry about fending off the common flu viruses. The feelings of malaise caused by viruses can lead to some unproductive days in the garden. This is the time of year when one should be busy clearing out diseased leaves and stems to ensure healthy plants next year. Some might wonder if plants can get the flu. Plants are susceptible to a variety of virus diseases, although the general term “flu” is not used in the plant world. Fortunately, the virus diseases that infect plants are unique to plants. They don’t infect people.