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Yard and Garden: Autumn Lawn Care

October 11, 2012, 5:26 pm | Richard Jauron, Willy Klein

Fall is a busy time for gardeners. With so much to do, lawn care is sometimes neglected. However, proper lawn care in fall helps ensure an attractive, healthy lawn next season. Important fall lawn care practices include mowing, fertilizing, controlling broadleaf weeds and raking.


Spring Lawn Care

Extra care should be taken when applying any fertilizer or pesticide to the lawn. The lawn is like a sponge and is very good at trapping water and reducing runoff, but it does no good if lawn care products are spread onto hard surfaces like sidewalks and driveways and then washed into the storm water drainage system. Do your part to sweep or blow granular products back into the lawn where they stay put.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fertilizers

As the growing season gears up, it is also a great time to start fertilizing plants for a healthy garden. But figuring out how and when to use fertilizers can be confusing and improper fertilization can be harmful to plants. Here are a few commonly asked questions about fertilizers.