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Overseeding Lawns

Healthy, well maintained lawns are attractive landscape additions.  Lawns in poor condition, however, are somewhat unsightly.  The poor condition of a lawn may be due to poor management, heat, drought, diseases, insects or other factors.  In severe cases, the existing lawn may have to be destroyed and a new one established on the site. 


Grass Diseases Underfoot Now

The cooler fall temperatures bring welcome relief from the summer heat. As we trade bare feet for shoes, the grass underfoot in our lawns is relieved to see some cooler, wetter weather. But the autumn weather also makes many fungi happy, and several fungal diseases of lawns may show up this time of year.


Golden Goddess Bamboo: An Exotic Grass

Bamboo is often associated with the Asian culture, and for good reasons. China is the largest producer of bamboo with over a third of all known species native to the area. The uses of bamboo as a raw material are quite diverse, including furniture, flooring, accessories, musical instruments, paper, food and even the leaves have certain medicinal purposes.