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Planning a Butterfly Garden

Creating a garden or landscape that will attract and maintain butterflies takes some special planning and effort. “Butterfly gardening” is flower gardening that gives special consideration to the needs and requirements of butterflies. Meeting their needs by providing continuous bloom of nectar-producing flowers throughout the summer increases your chances of being able to watch the adults fly from flower to flower in the privacy and comfort of your own back yard.   Read more about Planning a Butterfly Garden


Corn Gluten Meal - A Natural Weed and Feed for Lawns and Gardens

Many homeowners strive to have a healthy, weed-free lawn yet at the same time are concerned about the effects of herbicides and synthetic fertilizers on the environment. If you fit that description, there is an effective, all-natural product that will ease your conscience and reduce weed growth in your lawn and garden - corn gluten meal Read more about Corn Gluten Meal - A Natural Weed and Feed for Lawns and Gardens


Prairie Dropseed: An All-Purpose Prairie Plant

Prairie dropseed (Sporobolus heterolepis) is a prairie plant native to North America that will add softness to any home garden, especially around a border. Other suitable planting areas include rock gardens, prairies and pastures, and along roadsides. It has a low, fountain-like appearance, with leaves that fall gracefully towards the ground. Plains Indians used the seeds to make flour and birds seek the seeds as food.   Read more about Prairie Dropseed: An All-Purpose Prairie Plant