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Palmer amaranth is an invasive weed that is native to the southwestern United States. Over the last three years, however, the weed has made its way into Iowa and has been identified in at least nine counties, most recently in Madison, Clayton, Washington and Crawford counties.

By: Robert Hartzler and Brian Meyer

Four extension specialists are highlighted in the video “Managing Weeds, Insects and Diseases." They show how they are working to keep pests from harming Iowa farmers.

By: Erin Hodgson and Alison Robertson and Robert Hartzler and Laura Jesse Iles

An online review course is being offered through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach to help individuals prepare for the next Certified Crop Adviser examination on Aug. 4, 2017. The review course is offered exclusively online and includes presentations on crop management, pest management, nutrient management and soil and water management.

By: Robert Hartzler and Kristine Schaefer

The ISU Extension and Outreach state fair weed identification contest will be Friday, Aug. 10. Three divisions - youth, general and professional - make it possible for individuals of all ages to compete.

By: Robert Hartzler and Meaghan Anderson

Mile-a-minute weed, an invasive weed from eastern Asia, has been found for the first time in Iowa. Prior to this, mile-a-minute weed was known to be in the mid-Atlantic states, but only as far west as Indiana and Kentucky, and an outlier in Oregon.

By: Robert Hartzler

Accurate weed identification is the first step to successfully managing weeds. After awarding winners of the Iowa State Fair weed identification contest, Iowa State is set to challenge the identification skills of Farm Progress Show visitors and share how to diversify management strategies.

By: Robert Hartzler and Meaghan Anderson and Willy Klein

The annual Iowa State Fair Weed Identification Contest will be held Friday, Aug. 9, from 9–11:30 a.m. in the front lawn of the John Deere Agriculture Building. The ISU Extension and Outreach contest has three divisions – future agronomists (youth), general and professional.

By: Meaghan Anderson and Robert Hartzler

Farmers are constantly searching for new solutions to controlling weeds. Some practical, but innovative ideas will be explored during an Oct. 21 workshop, when Australian researcher Michael Walsh visits Iowa State University to talk about the various ways farmers can harvest and destroy weed seeds from the combine.

By: Meaghan Anderson and Robert Hartzler and Prashant Jha

Iowans who want to become a certified crop adviser should take note of upcoming exam dates, as well as an ISU Extension and Outreach online training course intended to help them prepare.

By: Robert Hartzler

This year's herbicide field guide by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach gives special attention to volunteer corn and weed resistance.

By: Robert Hartzler