Research and Demonstration Farm Reports Available for 2021

Annual reports take on new look, with same useful information

May 31, 2022, 8:35 am | Tim Goode

AMES, Iowa – The latest version of Iowa State University’s Research and Demonstration Farms summary reports are now available online and in print.

Nine farm reports are available, with a new look that includes larger headings, expanded tables and color photography.

“I think the public will be excited by the new look, but they will also appreciate the fact that the reports contain the same data and the same information people are used to, just in a modernized package,” said Tim Goode, director of research and demonstration farms at Iowa State.

Field day in progress.The reports date back to the early 1930s and were part of the agreement made with farmers and Iowa State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, when the first research farm was established in north central Iowa.

“Part of the agreement was that we would publish site-specific research from each area, and that is what these publications do,” said Goode. “The reports provide replicated, unbiased, site-specific research that is published annually.”

The reports can be downloaded from the Iowa State Extension Store and are also available at research farm field days and association meetings. They contain summary articles about crop and livestock research, including row crops, small grains, forages, specialty crops and other research being conducted across the state.

The information is used by farmers, seed companies, veterinarians and nutritionists – essentially anyone who is involved with agriculture.

Specialists with Iowa State conduct research at the farms year-round, with field days held during the spring, summer and fall. About 20,000 people visit the farms each year, including school-age youth. More than 130 Iowa State faculty members use the farms for teaching, research and extension.

Goode said the COVID pandemic presented some unique challenges for the farm, and during 2020, most outreach was done remotely. However, the research continued mostly as usual, with the same results delivered each year since the pandemic.

He said he’s looking forward to the in-person field days and educational events this year, and collecting data that will be included in next year’s reports.

“Another season is already starting and as data is compiled throughout the year, we’ll be ready to publish yet another research farm report,” said Goode.

The following 2021 farm reports are available:

Shareable photo: Field day at an Iowa State University research and demonstration farm.

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