Register Now for Sept. 14 Fencing and Grazing Clinic in Jackson County

Education for producers who want to implement rotational grazing programs

September 7, 2023, 11:21 am | Beth Reynolds, Denise Schwab

BALDWIN, Iowa — A fencing and grazing clinic is set for Sept. 14 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the David Burmahl farm, north of Baldwin and northwest of Maquoketa. There's no cost to attend thanks to the following sponsors: Gallagher, Stockade, and the Iowa Forage and Grassland Council. However, preregistration is required by Sept. 12. Lunch will be provided.

Beth Reynolds, extension program specialist with the Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University, and Denise Schwab, beef specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach, have planned the daylong event with a variety of learning opportunities and activities.

Reynolds said the clinic will help producers who want to implement rotational grazing programs. Fencing and grazing clinic.

“Attendees will learn how to implement rotational grazing around the biggest hurdle, infrastructure,” she said. “Speakers will discuss current fence technologies, water infrastructure, and the basics for designing a paddock system within a pasture to fit grazing and labor goals in a hands-on, classroom, and demonstration learning environment.”  

Schwab said the location of the clinic will show opportunities for paddock divisions on typical east-northeast Iowa ground.

“Well-managed and well-rested pastures are essential, and they’re even more important with the current dry conditions we’ve been experiencing,” she said. “This fencing and grazing clinic will demonstrate paddock divisions in typical northeast Iowa pasture of valleys, timber and open ridge tops to show how we can subdivide even in these challenging pastures.”

Clinic host David Burmahl has been rotationally grazing hills and timber pastures and is always looking for new ways to intensify his grazing rotation. He also has developed a year-round tire tank waterer that works for winter and summer grazing.

Clinic topics include:

  • New tools in fencing.
  • Building your paddocks.
  • Options: Heavy use areas and waterers.
  • Water infrastructure.
  • Fence law and grazing leases.

See the clinic flyer for agenda and program details.

To register, contact the ISU Extension and Outreach Jackson County Office at or 563-652-4923. For questions on the clinic, contact Reynolds at or 307-761-3353.

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